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I have been an independent insurance agent licensed in Texas since 2003. My focus is providing affordable insurance coverage through multiple reputable insurance providers for individuals, families, and small groups. I can also help with Medicare insurance needs. Allow me to connect you with the appropriate health, life, disability, long term care, and/or dental plan(s) based on your health, personal, and financial needs. Call me at (512) 535-3556, E-mail:

Personal Injury/Accident Protection If you are self-employed or work for an employer who does not carry Workers Compensation Insurance, you can purchase your own “Personal Injury/Accident” plan. You could receive cash benefits for your injuries, whether you are hurt on … Continue reading

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Wishing you a Happier New Year in 2016!

Happy New Year to all my neighbors in Dripping Springs, Austin, and other nearby communities! I want to thank those of you who have followed my articles over the years, and especially those who have given me the opportunity to serve … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Medicare Insurance soon?

If you are about to turn 65 in the near future, information in this article may be very beneficial to you.  As a taxpaying U.S. citizen, you will finally be able to enroll in Medicare health insurance!  For most people, … Continue reading

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Is Health Insurance cheaper if I get it by myself?

In our modern high-tech society, is there really any reason to ask an insurance agent to assist you in finding the health insurance that best suits your needs?  Isn’t that what people used to do 25-30 years ago, before the … Continue reading

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Bridging a Health Insurance Gap

If you are currently without health insurance, but anticipate the availability of new coverage in the future, there is a way to get short-term coverage for this temporary need. Several notable insurance companies offer “Short-Term” health plans, to protect you … Continue reading

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Should One Health Plan Fit All?

As healthcare costs continue to rise, we have been using various ways to make our health insurance more affordable. Eliminating the doctor visit copays and/or the prescription drug copays from your major medical plan can definitely save money on your … Continue reading

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Can I still enroll for Health Insurance after Open Enrollment ends?

Normally health insurance companies will only allow you to apply for individual health insurance during the annual  “Open Enrollment”.  However, the Affordable Care Act still permits you to apply for new major medical coverage under certain special circumstances. Here is a … Continue reading

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Were you ever declined for Health Insurance?

Are you one of millions of frustrated Americans who were told they did not qualify for traditional major medical insurance because of a “high-risk” pre-existing health condition?  Well as of Jan. 1, 2014, you can no longer be declined if … Continue reading

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Information About the New Health Insurance Exchange Program

Americans can enroll for health insurance through their State or Federal Insurance “Exchange” beginning on Nov. 15, 2014 through Feb. 15, 2015.  However, regular “qualified” individual and group plans will still be available “off-exchange”, and will satisfy the mandate for being insured.   The … Continue reading

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