Personal Injury/Accident Protection

If you are self-employed or work for an employer who does not carry Workers Compensation Insurance, you can purchase your own “Personal Injury/Accident” plan. You could receive cash benefits for your injuries, whether you are hurt on or off the job!  Your receipt for treatment of an accidental injury by a doctor, emergency room, or urgent care facility will trigger payment of funds based on your plan’s payment schedule.  You use the money however you wish, regardless of health insurance coverage.

Most accident plans have a fixed benefit that they will pay a client for items like: emergency room treatment, dislocated or broken limbs, severe lacerations or burns, eye injuries, hospital stay, ambulance transportation, and other common injuries.  Many even provide an accidental death benefit, which is payable to one’s designated beneficiary.  It doesn’t matter whether your medical treatment was covered by a health insurance policy or if you paid for it yourself. Proof of the injury is what justifies payment of your claim.

These accident policies are available for individuals or families. This protection could greatly reduce parents’ financial expenses if their children were injured while participating in sports.  If a family member is involved in an accident on vacation far from home, it does not affect your eligibility for benefit payment…there are no “Network” restrictions on who provides the emergency treatment.  Just be sure to get an itemized written receipt for treatment of those injuries from a medical professional.

Many policies have multiple levels of coverage, and their premium cost is relative to the amount of compensation paid to the insured for each specific injury category. Therefore, if your risk/danger of injury is high due to your occupation, lifestyle, sports participation, or hobbies, it is wise to consider a higher level of protection.  Those are all factors which affect your odds of experiencing an accidental injury!

Remember, your plan must already be in effect, in order to pay benefits for any accidental injury.  A licensed independent insurance agent from can provide you with details and no-obligation quotes.  This coverage could save you hundreds of dollars if you sustain a serious injury!   Contact us at: Ph  (512) 535-3556 or e-mail:

About tcdiehl

I have been an independent insurance agent licensed in Texas since 2003. My focus is providing affordable insurance coverage through multiple reputable insurance providers for individuals, families, and small groups. I can also help with Medicare insurance needs. Allow me to connect you with the appropriate health, life, disability, long term care, and/or dental plan(s) based on your health, personal, and financial needs. Call me at (512) 535-3556, E-mail:
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