Is Health Insurance cheaper if I get it by myself?

In our modern high-tech society, is there really any reason to ask an insurance agent to assist you in finding the health insurance that best suits your needs?  Isn’t that what people used to do 25-30 years ago, before the Internet, computers, and e-insurance?  Everyone knows that they can find whatever they need to know about any subject via the help of their computer.  Using an agent is old-fashioned, right?

I’m sure there are some people who believe that to be true.  The majority of American households have at least one computer. Every second more data is added to the Internet’s ever-growing collection of facts.  There’s a whole universe of knowledge available for us to access.  Health insurance benefits and details can be reviewed and compared without having a college degree!  Why should I involve an agent/broker in purchasing my health insurance?

A significant percentage of my clients have expressed their disappointing experiences, after they initially purchased health insurance on their own!  For example, they mistakenly thought their doctor would be in their plan’s Network.  (“Out-of-Network” benefits are almost always greatly reduced from “In-Network” coverage!)

Another major consideration is if a client should ever encounter difficulty in getting satisfaction in a claim dispute, the computer will only be a limited resource in dealing with your insurance company.  When you have your own “independent insurance agent”, that person represents YOU.  Your agent/broker will work through a local or regional representative to help to resolve problems.  Agents develop a working relationship with these representatives over time.  The agent can request the assistance of their local rep to review restricted information that the client cannot access on their own, not even with their home computer.

Often by contacting his/her representative, your agent will be able to achieve a favorable outcome, when there is a misunderstanding or a mistake in the details.  If a client disagrees with the fees listed on their EOB (estimate of benefits) for example, they can bring this matter to their agent/broker to help determine if the charges are accurate and justified.  Your agent has experience in many areas of the health insurance field, and this is an asset when the client needs answers to billing questions, plan benefits and details, etc.

Since there is no fee to request the assistance of an experienced, licensed agent, why would anyone want to spend hours of their time in getting quotes, checking doctors’ network participation, comparing the benefits of dozens of health plans, etc?  Most independent brokers can furnish you with fast, free quotes from several different major insurance companies…not just one!  For best results, it is wise to take advantage of the knowledge and experience a professional can provide.

Lastly, consider this fact: Your health insurance premium will cost the same amount, with or without an agent!  It’s your choice.  You could save money, time, frustration, and possibly regret, if you contact an independent licensed agent to find an inexpensive health plan.  An agent represents YOU! 

About tcdiehl

I have been an independent insurance agent licensed in Texas since 2003. My focus is providing affordable insurance coverage through multiple reputable insurance providers for individuals, families, and small groups. I can also help with Medicare insurance needs. Allow me to connect you with the appropriate health, life, disability, long term care, and/or dental plan(s) based on your health, personal, and financial needs. Call me at (512) 535-3556, E-mail:
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