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As we enter the 12th. month of 2012, many American’s thoughts are of the Holiday’s just ahead.  We will be busy shopping for just the right gifts for our families and friends.  There will be lots of time spent on festive decorations, mailing greeting cards and packages, and preparing delicious treats in our kitchens!  Although we may get carried away with these external aspects of the Season, the underlying spirit of love and giving still prevails for most of us.  We can create enduring positive memories when we share the gifts of our time and talents with others!

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my articles these last 2 years.  Not many people find the topic of insurance to be an exciting subject!  In recent times, most of us don’t even want to think about health insurance.  None the less, I have tried to present some insightful information about many different aspects of health-related insurance.

My goal has been to present informative, educational, and challenging articles.  I have encouraged you to learn about your options, discover ways to lower your premium costs, and reward yourself for being healthy.  (Don’t just accept your health plan because it was your father’s insurance.)  If you don’t see your doctor often and do not rely on expensive prescriptions, why have a health plan with copays for those features?  They add to the cost of your premium!

During these difficult times, more employees are faced with securing their own affordable health insurance, as small business owners find it too cost-prohibitive to pay for group plans.  It has become our own responsibility to decide which individual health plans are best suited to our situation.

Be aware that there are “limited-benefits” health plans which offer discounted premiums, but also often have reduced coverage and fixed allowances for surgeries, hospital stays, etc!  I recommend that you select a major medical health insurance plan from an “A” rated reliable insurance carrier.  Those health plans should clearly state your yearly maximum out of pocket responsibility for each insured person.

In searching for the ideal health insurance plan, remember that healthy Americans can save money on their taxes with an HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan), when coupled with an HSA (Health Savings Account).  These allow you to reduce your taxable income by the amount with which you fund your HSA.  Plus your funds earn interest tax-free!  I suggest that you review the details and guidelines for HSA’s in IRS Publication 969, by visiting this link:

Additionally, I strongly recommend that you inquire about your choices for LTC (Long Term Care) plans. If you had to self-pay for nursing home expenses, it could exhaust all of your assets before Medicaid would begin to help.  (Medicare only covers a short period of time.)  There is an LTC combo or “hybrid” option that utilizes either a life insurance policy or a deferred annuity with an LTC rider.  It provides a tangible cash benefit to your beneficiary, if you never use the long term care services.  Don’t wait until you are a senior citizen to apply for this important safeguard!  Your age and your health conditions will affect your cost.  You should not count on the government for your Long Term Care needs, unless you live at the poverty level!

For more helpful messages relating to the subject of health insurance,  please read the rest of the articles in my blog.  There are articles which describe many different health insurance supplements including: LTC insurance, life insurance and annuities, disability insurance, dental and vision insurance, cancer insurance, critical illness plans, etc.

After reading  an article, let us know if you have any questions.  If you would like a free quote for any type of health-related insurance or annuity, contact AustinHealthPlans at: (512) 535-3556 or e-mail at: .  A licensed independent  agent will be glad to help you find the best coverage based on your situation.    We appreciate the comments that we have received from you, and encourage your continued feedback.  If you prefer to shop on your own, visit us online anytime at: .  Thanks Texas, and Happy Holidays!

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I have been an independent insurance agent licensed in Texas since 2003. My focus is providing affordable insurance coverage through multiple reputable insurance providers for individuals, families, and small groups. I can also help with Medicare insurance needs. Allow me to connect you with the appropriate health, life, disability, long term care, and/or dental plan(s) based on your health, personal, and financial needs. Call me at (512) 535-3556, E-mail:
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