Small Changes Can Bring Major Rewards

      Most of us would agree that it is easier to make small changes in our lives, than to attempt radical alternatives to our current habits.  A person’s health will often respond to small helpful changes carried out over a period of time, much like a boat which alters its present coarse by a mere few degrees over a period of time.  Each of us can decide to implement small adjustments to our daily lives that can result in positive changes.

     I realize that some people may have genetic predispositions to certain health conditions.  Aside from those things which are out of our conscious control, we can take charge of our present and future health by deciding to make a few small changes.  Over time, this can result in major rewards with respect to our well-being.

     Did you know that many major diseases involve inflammation?  Inflammation is frequently caused by excessive stress, whether that is from one’s diet, lifestyle, or environment.  It is the common link between such serious conditions as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis, to name a few. 

     Food allergies and sensitivities are not the only dietary causes of inflammation.  Consuming too much sugar, fat, dairy or protein can also increase inflammation for many people.  Constant dehydration or drinking too much caffeine and/or sodas can also be at fault.

    Lack of proper exercise (especially habitual inactivity) and also lack of quality sleep could contribute to the problem.  Experiencing regular or constant emotional, psychological or physical stress raises one’s cortisol level, creating inflammation.  Exercising helps to reduce the effects of stress.  Meditating daily can calm those frazzled nerves!  Practicing good dental hygiene helps immensely also, by preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria around the gums, etc. 

     Toxins in our environment and pollution in general, also cause inflammation.  How safe is your drinking water, the air quality in your neighborhood or place of employment, and the fast foods you eat?  Are your packaged foods full of artificial preservatives, additives, or other unhealthy ingredients?  How often do you purchase organic fruits and vegetables, when there is that option?  In many environments in America, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals, and other pollutants are often at fault!

     We ALL have choices to make.  I suggest that you read more about this subject and formulate a plan to become healthier.  You may feel better, require fewer medications, live longer and become happier.  Always consult your doctor before making these lifestyle changes.  I am not giving any medical advise, just expressing my own opinion about what you might consider for a healthier way of life.  After all, it is YOUR life, and YOUR decision. 

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