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Do You Feel Secure And Satisfied With Your Insurance Plans?

      The New Year is here at last!  It is my wish that all of you will experience good health, much peace and happiness, and be blessed with prosperity in all areas of your lives.  This is a great time to reflect upon any unfinished business from 2011, and determine to complete those items as soon as possible.  Perhaps one of your New Year resolutions might be to live a healthier lifestyle in 2012!

     This is also an excellent time to review your insurance coverage.  If you are unhappy with your current health insurance, why not request a free quote for a plan that will satisfy your needs and budget?  There are a number of variables that affect the cost of health insurance, and these can be added, omitted or modified, to suit your situation.  A few of those features are the deductible, the coinsurance percentages, and office/prescription copays.  You can select your own affordable plan based on your specific needs and goals.  Your good health can save you money on insurance…it truly is your greatest asset in many ways!

     If you have neglected your dental health last year, I urge you to become pro-active and create a habit of daily dental care.  There are several serious health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis that can result from poor dental hygiene.  Having inexpensive dental insurance tends to encourage folks to get their free 6 month cleanings and check-ups.  This will also help to lower the expense of dental repairs, should you need a filling, root canal, crown, or other procedure. 

     There is no time like the present to consider additional life insurance if you are under-insured.  Rates will increase the longer you wait, since costs are relative to your age.  Another factor that determines your cost is your personal health.  The time to apply for life insurance is before you develop a health condition, which would also affect your rate.  Certain risk factors could result in paying a higher rate, or even cause you to be declined for coverage!  It isn’t wise to procrastinate on this one!  Do not take your good health for granted.  Add coverage while your health is sound.

     A licensed health insurance agent can explain details, answer questions and provide competitive quotes- all at no cost to you! offers over 200 health insurance plans from many top-rated major insurance providers.  We can find one that suites your own specific needs, goals and budget.  Call AustinHealthPlans today at: (512) 535-3556 for “Texas friendly” personalized service!

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I have been an independent insurance agent licensed in Texas since 2003. My focus is providing affordable insurance coverage through multiple reputable insurance providers for individuals, families, and small groups. I can also help with Medicare insurance needs. Allow me to connect you with the appropriate health, life, disability, long term care, and/or dental plan(s) based on your health, personal, and financial needs. Call me at (512) 535-3556, E-mail:
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