There’s No Time Like The Present!

All we ever truly have is NOW.  So since we cannot depend on a crystal ball, we do not know how many days lie ahead of us.  That’s the importance of this phrase “there’s no time like the present”!  This is especially true when it concerns providing for the needs of our loved ones, should we meet an untimely or unexpected death.

Life insurance can help surviving family members to manage financially, at a time when loss and sorrow weigh heavily on them emotionally.  The death of a spouse frequently includes the loss of an important income as well.  The last thing that a grieving spouse needs to face is an overwhelming financial burden!  Providing the security of life insurance not only demonstrates responsibility on your part, but it is indeed a gift of love.

Some of the many reasons to purchase life insurance include: 1.) to provide for the livelihood of one’s dependents, 2.) to pay-off a home mortgage, 3.) to relieve indebtedness such as auto loans, a 2nd. mortgage, credit card balances, or college loans, 4.) to allow for children’s college expenses, 5.) to pay for medical bills pertaining to the deceased spouse, and 6.) to cover funeral, burial, and other final expenses.  Even if one has no dependents, purchasing a basic life insurance policy ensures that relatives will not be burdened with the costs relating to your “final expenses”.

Another important reason not to procrastinate is saving money.  Who doesn’t like to save some extra cash?  The cost of insurance is based on risk assessment and the younger you are, the lower your rate will be.  As we age, the risk factor for death goes up, and so does the cost.  You can “lock-in” on an inexpensive rate for level term insurance, which will remain constant year after year!  Being accepted for coverage requires an applicant to qualify medically.  If your health history indicates a good medical record, you will pose less of a risk than an unhealthy person.  “Your good health is one of your best assets”!  Consider this gift of love now, because there really is no time like the present.

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