Health Insurance Help for Certain Small Business Owners


     In Texas, we have one of the highest percentages of uninsured citizens in the country!  In an effort to improve this situation, a new program was designed to meet the health insurance needs of small businesses which are not currently providing health insurance.  This new program is called “Healthy Texas”.  To qualify a business must meet certain eligibility requirements.

1. The business must be located in Texas and employ between 2-50 eligible employees.

2. This small business must not have provided health insurance to its employees during the 12 months prior to applying with “Healthy Texas”. 

3. Thirty (30) percent of its eligible employees must earn no more than $32,670 annually.

4. Sixty (60) percent of the eligible employees must participate in the program. 

5. The business owner must pay at least half of the premium for the covered employees.

6. Each employee must be a citizen or national of the United States or an alien who is   lawfully present in the U.S.

7. An eligible employees must work at least 30 hrs. per week, and may be a sole proprietor, a partner, or an independent contractor. 

8. The business’ owners count as eligible employees.  A husband and wife who work in the same business count as two employees, neither of them being eligible for coverage as a dependent of the other. 

9. Employees are not considered eligible if they are either temporary, seasonal or a substitute. 

10. An employee would not be eligible if they were already covered by another plan, such as a spouse’s health insurance, or if they were covered by a plan established in another country.

     To help small business owners evaluate whether they meet “Healthy Texas” eligibility criteria, they must first determine whether their employees are eligible for coverage, and then apply the percentage figures from above.  A licensed insurance agent who is appointed to offer these “Healthy Texas” health plans can explain more details.  The agent can also help with determining employer/employee eligibility and answer any questions concerning plan benefits, deductibles, and monthly premiums.  When an employer makes inexpensive health insurance available, it lets their employees know that you value their service and appreciate their loyalty.  This may be the one affordable health plan that you and your employees have needed! 

     AustinHealthPlans can help determine if your business will qualify for this simplified-issue insurance!  Contact us at (512) 535-3556 or send an e-mail to:  with your questions or comments.  Thanks for reading our Blog and we look forward to your comments.

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